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painting by Agnieszka Mizia entitled Ying Yang People
ying yang people

artist statement

Agnieszka Mizia started life in Zakopane, Poland. She arrived on Scottish shores in 1980 and has lived there ever since. Always having a wild imagination and a curious mind she tried her hand at a few different jobs before finding her true passion.

In 2002 Agnieszka graduated from Glasgow school of art with an honours degree in ceramics. Two years later and a Spanish adventure under her belt she started her own business: Dreamtime Studio; a place where she could create. The studio is located at her home on the West Coast of Scotland, where she draws inspiration from the life around her.

Mainly working in oils, Agnieszka explores her interests of metaphysics and colour theory to bring life to the canvas. Inspired by an eclectic mix of fashion, culture, nature, angels and fairies, her pieces are energetic bold and beautiful.