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image entitled moonlight madness by Agnieszka Mizia
moonlight madness

guidance cards

I have recently completed a set of guidance/oracle cards called “Wise Cow”. I was inspired to write and illustrate the cards because of my own colourful spiritual journey. Through the highs and lows of my life I have always turned to angelic and spirit guidance; I have by no means finished learning or assume the position of great guru, but I feel that it is important to communicate, share and record my experiences and knowledge. Hopefully, one day, this guidance deck will be available worldwide! Right now it is being sent to publishers.

At present I am working on two separate projects. After completing the “Wise Cow Guidance deck” I wanted to go down a more traditional route and illustrate a full working tarot deck (78 cards). On this project I am collaborating with well known psychic Kyle Gray of angel oracle

Alongside illustrating the tarot I am working on a small book. Its working title is “A Leprechauns Journey”. It is still very much a seed of an idea, but already it is building up a character of its own. It is a collection of all things magical, including angels and elementals; potions and spells.