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painting by Agnieszka Mizia entitled honesty
painting by Agnieszka Mizia entitled blue girl
blue girl


Hello, my name is Agnieszka Mizia. I am an artist/potter living and working in my own studio on the West Coast of Scotland. Dreamtime Studio is a collection of my artwork which you can browse through on the gallery pages on this website. If you wish to purchase or view a painting, please contact me to arrange a suitable time to visit the studio.
You can also follow me on

gallery and crystal shop

The Gallery and Crystal Shop has now re-opened in a beautiful old building, full of character, in Inveraray close to the famous Inverary Jail. Come and visit me there and see an exciting new range of gemstones, local arts and crafts, as well as my own pottery and artwork. Open Wednesday-Sunday 10-5. More details of the new gallery here..

pottery workshops in gourock

During the Winter months I run pottery workshops from the studio in Gourock. If you are interested in putting your name down for a future class please contact me

The workshops run from 11am-4pm to give you a full day to relax into your creativity. With small classes of a maximum of four people the day offers a fun informal introduction to the basics of hand building. There is also the option to continue learning with follow up workshops in: Wheel work (throwing); Glazing and decoration and of course hand building. For more information on workshops please visit pottery page or contact me.

10inch x 8inch

"Twin Flame", "Beltane Fire", "Three Life"

Or any painting with the original size 60cm x 80cm or 40cm x 30cm

£6.00 plus £1.50 pp

12inch x 12inch

"Earth angel", "Child of Gold", "Albert Road"

Or any painting with the original size 100cm x 100cm or otherwise square in proportion

£10.00 plus £2.99 pp

16inch x 12inch

"Beltane Fire", "Me and the Chameleon"

Or any painting with the original size 60cm x 80cm or 40cm x 30cm

£12.00 plus £2.99 pp

20inch x 16inch

"Twin Flame", "Hope"

Or any painting with the original size 40cm x 50cm or 4:5 proportion ratio

£20.00 plus £2.99 pp

20inch x 8inch - please note cropping will occur on panoramic photographs

"The Day of the Dead", "Faery of Hope", "The Mermaid"

Or any painting sized 46cm x 132cm

£10.00 plus £2.99 pp

Workshop Dates

6 June 2010 at Tigh-na–mara, Lochgoilhead

4 July 2010 at Tigh-na–mara, Lochgoilhead

More to be announced

If you are interested in attending a workshop or visiting the Shop/Gallery, please contact myself or Brian on

Brian: 077720 77618

Agnieszka: 079823 08563